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Performance Art by Perego Live

As a leader in the ART ARMYPerego & his stellar team of renown artisans have spent the last 28 years creating trend-setting environments from coast to coast.
Many nightclubs, restaurants, retail spaces & private residences, all carry Perego‘s signature.
He has worked for the entertainment giants such as Disney, Universal Studios, Cirque Du Solieil, Univision, PBS & BET to name a few.
Now turning it up a few notches- his performance art & popular VAGABOND Art Party has created a sensation all over the country.
Seen on America’s Got Talent, PeregoLIVE & his wild unique brand of Performance Art has now been charted as being in the top 1/2 % of entertainers in the U.S.
For over two decades Perego have been creating spectacular award winning works of art  & going stronger than ever.
His performance art keeps people at the edge of their seats, then leaves them as BUZZmagazine describes- “satisfied puddles”.

The audience all have their camera-phones up as Perego ends his hard-hitting performance with his outrageous signature HairSlammm, leaving an indelible mark in their minds & social media.

From rockin art that is a furiously paced painting experience to a more relaxed classical, “old world” scene of a renaissance painter at his easel to a wild psychadelic lightshow straight from the 60’s, PeregoLIVE will add the perfect creative spark to any event.
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