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EVENT DATES: Feb 16-17, 2019

APPLICATION PROCESS: We will accept retail vendor applications until all spaces have been filled.

This is an application, it does not guarantee acceptance.

You will be notified of your status once we have received the completed application. We will not process your application if it is not completed correctly. Once accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter with a contract and fees due. This packet will provide you with set up information and additional insurance/permit requirements as well. Applications are due by Jan 11th, 2019 @ 5pm EST.  Applications submitted after this date will incur a $150 contract service fee.

BOOTH DESCRIPTION: Please submit pictures with your application. Please note that all retail vendors must be a 10’x10’ or 20’x20′ tent (larger sizes will not be permitted.  You must have written consent from Promoter to bring a larger setup) and supply all their own lighting, power, tables, and tools necessary.  Applications will not be processed without pictures of a booth set up.

PAYMENTS: The fee for retail vendors is $450 (10’x10″) for the 2 days or $1200 (20’x20′) for 2 days.  Load in and load out will be available 2/15/19 and 2/18/19 if necessary. 

WHAT THE EVENT WILL PROVIDE: Included in your fees for the Festival, unless otherwise stated, is an approved space for your 10’x10’ or 20’x20′ pop up tent, and one 5 amp electrical connection. Vendors are responsible for providing all equipment, fire extinguishers, tables, floor covering, insurance, etc., and meeting all health/fire department regulations.

PRODUCT CHOICE/SIGNAGE: Please fill out your product list. We do not want to have numerous vendors selling the same items, but we do not offer exclusivity.  All vendors agree to post a “non smoking” sign in their tent.

BEVERAGE POLICY: Retail vendors may sell non-alcoholic beverages such as soda and water, however they must be purchased through the event. All other drinks must be pre- approved by the Event. No alcoholic beverages can be sold out of your booth at any time. Vendors cannot bring alcoholic beverages onto the site.

ICE: All ice must be purchased through the Event.

INSURANCE & TAX REQUIREMENTS: All vendors participating in this event must have $1,000,000 of liability insurance per event with venue listed as additional insured. All retail vendors must provide proof of insurance with contract submission.

See contract for additional details.

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