Craving Donuts

Coffee and Donuts, Tampa, Fl

Donuts and coffee are a special combination! Who doesn’t love them? Whenever you feel like having this combination, you don’t have to look anywhere other than Craving Donuts.


There is an art to making donuts which involves a certain level of perfection. The right combination of ingredients are required to produce our unique taste and distinctive flavor.


I was presented with the opportunity to run a donut shop which turn out to be a great experience. We had an awesome product which consisted of fried, made to order, fresh cake donuts. People loved the product and we loved the people. The doors to the business eventually closed and I saw this as a great opportunity to take this concept and go mobile with it. Craving Donuts was the birth of my new company.


Based in Tampa Florida, we offer our services to the entire township of Tampa and the surrounding bay area. Now ordering fresh, made to order donuts with a cup of hot steaming coffee is the easiest thing to do. We value our customers more than anything else so every order gets the same attention, small or large. We take great pride in the products we serve to our customers to make sure their experience is unforgettable. Our fresh, warm, light and crispy donuts are ideal when served with our fresh locally roasted coffee. We assure you that the taste will have you saving “These are the best donuts I’ve every had” and keep you coming back again and again.


Our motto, “Always Fresh, Always Delish” is exactly what we strive for with every donut we make. Donuts should not only be delish, they should always be fresh. We have the capacity to cater your important events such as corporate outings, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries to name a few. Orders can be place via text, phone call, or email. Your satisfaction is our goal and we look forward to building a relationship with you.